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What is TwitterNET

The TwitterNET project is a C# 3.5 class library implementation of the Twitter API. It is my (mkoby) application for attempting to learn and utilize a few different programming practices. Specifically I am working to adhere to

For the TDD side of things I am attempting to follow the strict practice of

  1. Writing the test
  2. Running the test and seeing it fail
  3. Writing the bare minimum implementation to make the test pass
  4. Refactor

Work to be Done

All of the REST methods are done (with 3 exceptions). The OAuth and the Search methods are not coded yet. The reasons are because I don’t know enough about OAuth to fully test and implement it. The search methods are not done because they don’t provide XML responses (only JSON at the moment) and I don’t have enough experience with JSON to parse it accurately without using someone else’s libraries which I would have to then include in the project.

For now though, a developer should be able to use the library to handle 95% of regularly used Twitter methods. Look at the Usage Examples page for examples.

Right now, the XML comments are missing in a big way, I’m hoping to fix that soon.

The end goal is to have all aspects of the current Twitter API implemented and have this library be usable for developers writing Twitter applications on the .NET platform.


If you would like to use the code, it is currently available under a GPL License (though this might change at a later date). If you do any major refactoring, I ask that you comment why you did the refactoring and explain it in some decent amount of detail so that I can better understand why my code wasn’t as good and thus keep this project what it is, a learning project.

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