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Shorten URL


This is a URL Shortening application written in C# using WinForms. It’s designed to run in the system tray on a Windows PC, and be used when you don’t want to goto a URL shortening service website to simply shorten a URL for Twitter, IM, or Email.

This app was kind of thrown together so there are currently no unit tests, and the WinForms part is basic WinForms with almost no separation of responsibility.


Current Services

Services currently supported are:

Future Work

  • Separate the the shortening services to a separate class library, to allow for reuse in other applications.
  • Add some unit tests for the class library.
  • Support more shortening services. Ones that do not require a login to use the API should be done first.
  • Bring the WinForms app in line more with the Model View Presenter to fully separate responsibility in the application.
  • Add an options menu or options form and keep track of preferred shortening service.


This project uses an icon from the Tango Icon Gallery, where you can download the original files. The icon was converted from PNG into an ICO file.

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