What does soloist add to Librarian-chef? #21

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I'm trying to get my head around a minimal toolset. I think I understand librarian chef, but could you explain what soloist adds?

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@mrjcleaver Soloist allows you to have a central config file for chef-solo and allows you to define your run list and node attributes in said config file using yaml ( I think its yaml ). you could do chef-solo -c solo.rb -j runlist.json and have the cookbook locations in solo.rb and your run list and node attributes in runlist.json

Its a nicety and allows you to keep all the things in 1 file that is arguable easier to format/read then the several chef-solo files needed for this level of control.

Librarian-chef is a cookbook dep solvers and gather. You could check out [BerkShelf] http://berkshelf.com/ as well which has nice vagrant integration for a quick iteration cycle.

Hope that helps 😃


Thanks @clifferson, that's a nice summary.

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