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A framework for Adobe ExtendScript.

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Extendables is an MIT-licensed developers' framework for Adobe ExtendScript. If you're writing heavy-duty automations for a Creative Suite app like InDesign, or anything more than just a throwaway script, this is for you.

Extendables comes with three big blocks of functionality.

1. Additional methods on built-in objects like String and Array that give you the Javascript 1.8 features you're used to (think `forEach`), conveniences for functional programming (think `map`, `reduce`, `filter`), easy serialization to JSON or base64 and more.
2. Additional methods on InDesign DOM objects that make coding in InDesign less verbose.
3. Packages for logging, unit testing, http, user interface development, and a couple of other goodies.

Read the documentation at to learn more and get started.
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