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Small GPU rendering examples

WARNING: This repository has been moved to 01org/small-gpu-rendering-examples, you can find the latest version there.

Pieces of C++ and OpenGL code for learning and experimenting. Some of the code was created with the help of the tutorial on

Building from source

You will need at least OpenGL 3.2 and Linux (tested on Ubuntu Trusty).

$ glxinfo|grep "OpenGL core profile version"  # should be at least 3.2
$ sudo apt-get install cmake clang libsdl2-dev

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make
$ ./bin/tutorial

Currently it should just display a simple triangle. For other examples, look into the build/bin/ directory. But be careful, some of them show off a driver bug. A binary called foo is going to be created from the directory called foo, you can look there to find out what is the expected behavior.

Installation is not supported (and probably never will be, these are just experiments).