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Fixing These jQuery: A Guide To Debugging jQuery Code/Apps etc.
PS. Each "slide" might actually be more than one slide.
Slide 1: Cover
Slide 2: Who am I? (brief)
Slide 3
[Petrifying alert() debugging example with mouse tracking]
alert() is not a debugging method.
jQuery is JavaScript
If you are trying to debug it without using a debugger, you are insane.
Slide 4
Firebug - Firefox
Webkit Inspector - Safari/Wekbit, Chrom(e/ium)
IE > 8 - IE Script Debugger
Opera - Dragonfly
All IEs - Microsoft Whatever 2017
(Yes, the IE choices suck, but you're only going to be using them when you're debugging IE, not all the time)
Slide 5
Use some sort of syntax verification in your editor / IDE
Slide 6
Launching Debugger
Setting a breakpoint
Using the debugger; statement
Slide 7
The Console API
Slide 8
The Watch/Locals window
Slide 9
Why aren't my events happening?
Using .length to debug selections
this is not the this you think this is!
Slide 10: Random caveats that are useful to know
stopPropgataion() ... it stops things from propagating. (Duh)
IE7 completely blows up if you have a trailing comma in an object literal
Slide 11
Stack Trace FTW!
Slide 12
Debugging AJAX
The First A in AJAX doesn't stand for AWESOME, it stands for ASYNCHRONOUS
(ajax101 diagram)
You can't do this:
var foo = $.get("foo.php",function(data) { return data });
Or this
var foo;
$.get("foo.php",function(data) {
foo = data;
Technically you can. but it won't work: RACE CONDITION
async:false - It's not as bad as killing a kitten...but it's like locking it in a dark room and not feeding it. If you can avoid it, do so.
Cross-domain AJAX - it's pretty much not allowed. It can be done, but at it's simplest, $.get("") doesn't work.
Slide 12
Using the Net/Resources tab in Firebug/Webkit
Slide 13: Random Caveats That Are Useful to Know - AJAX Edition
IE Hates Injecting Invalid Markup
Getting scripts in remote content is messy, and it definitely isn't a callback.
Elements added to the page after .bind() is run will not have those event handlers bound to them. see ?faq events.
If you change the class of an element, it will not magically run events bound to that new class - unless you use delegation
Collections are not "live"
.add() does not augment the initial set, it returns a new one
var foo = $(); foo.add("#bar"); // foo.length === 0;
var foo = $(); foo = foo.add("#bar"); // foo.length === 1;
Slide 14:
Stack trace or GTFO
Slide 15: But what if the bug is in jQuery?
Just because you get an error that points to a line number in jQuery doesn't mean there's a "jQuery Bug"
You're probably passing something wrong to jQuery
How can you tell? Use the same debugging techniques from before!
Slide 16: But what if the bug REALLY is in jQuery?
Did your code work in an earlier version of jQuery, but you upgraded and now it broke?
It *might* be a bug, it might be a planned change. Look through release notes, check if there is a bug for it in the bug tracker
If you *really* think it's a bug, file a ticket, read the bug reporting guidelines, check out Mike Taylor's presentation. Thanks!
Slide 17: MORE Random <del>Fun</del> Caveats
For loop scope (iterator value persists after loop) - Use a closure
Function hoisting!
Watch out for reserved words
var class = "FAIL";
You can't have more than 30 stylesheets in IE
Slide 18: "Debugging" Perf
Hopefully peformance issues should not be literally slaying your application to the extent that you need to actively debug them in the first place...hopefully.
Avoid excessive element manipulation - make a big string and insert, template!
console.time/console.profile/custom benchmark function
Slide 19: Bonus! Debugging/hacking jQuery UI
Get the instance from .data("widgetname")
Inspect the 'ui' object
Check for un(der)documented callbacks
Slide 20: Alright, I give up.
Get a cup of coffee/wait until tomorrow. Resume debugging.
jQuery Docs
jQuery IRC support channel
jQuery Forum
Plugin Specific forums
Twitter. Nope.
Get a new job.
Slide 21: <3z