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; Use session locking
; valid values: On, Off
; the default is On
memcached.sess_locking = On
; Session spin lock retry wait time in microseconds.
; Be carefull when setting this value.
; Valid values are integers, where 0 is interpreted as
; the default value. Negative values result in a reduces
; locking to a try lock.
; the default is 150000
memcached.sess_lock_wait = 150000
; The maximum time, in seconds, to wait for a session lock
; before timing out.
; Setting to 0 results in default behavior, which is to
; use max_execution_time.
memcached.sess_lock_max_wait = 0;
; The time, in seconds, before a lock should release itself.
; Setting to 0 results in the default behaviour, which is to
; use the memcached.sess_lock_max_wait setting. If that is
; also 0, max_execution_time will be used.
memcached.sess_lock_expire = 0;
; memcached session key prefix
; valid values are strings less than 219 bytes long
; the default value is "memc.sess.key."
memcached.sess_prefix = "memc.sess.key."
; memcached session consistent hash mode
; if set to On, consistent hashing (libketama) is used
; for session handling.
; When consistent hashing is used, one can add or remove cache
; node(s) without messing up too much with existing keys
; default is Off
memcached.sess_consistent_hash = Off
; Allow failed memcached server to automatically be removed
memcached.sess_remove_failed = 1
; Write data to a number of additional memcached servers
; This is "poor man's HA" as libmemcached calls it.
; If this value is positive and sess_remove_failed is enabled
; when a memcached server fails the session will continue to be available
; from a replica. However, if the failed memcache server
; becomes available again it will read the session from there
; which could have old data or no data at all
memcached.sess_number_of_replicas = 0
; memcached session binary mode
; libmemcached replicas only work if binary mode is enabled
memcached.sess_binary = Off
; memcached session replica read randomize
memcached.sess_randomize_replica_read = Off
; memcached connect timeout value
; In non-blocking mode this changes the value of the timeout
; during socket connection in milliseconds. Specifying -1 means an infinite timeout.
memcached.sess_connect_timeout = 1000
; Session SASL username
; Both username and password need to be set for SASL to be enabled
; In addition to this memcached.use_sasl needs to be on
memcached.sess_sasl_username = NULL
; Session SASL password
memcached.sess_sasl_password = NULL
; Set the compression type
; valid values are: fastlz, zlib
; the default is fastlz
memcached.compression_type = "fastlz"
; Compression factor
; Store compressed value only if the compression
; factor (saving) exceeds the set limit.
; store compressed if:
; plain_len > comp_len * factor
; the default value is 1.3 (23% space saving)
memcached.compression_factor = "1.3"
; The compression threshold
; Do not compress serialized values below this threshold.
; the default is 2000 bytes
memcached.compression_threshold = 2000
; Set the default serializer for new memcached objects.
; valid values are: php, igbinary, json, json_array, msgpack
; json - standard php JSON encoding. This serializer
; is fast and compact but only works on UTF-8
; encoded data and does not fully implement
; serializing. See the JSON extension.
; json_array - as json, but decodes into arrays
; php - the standard php serializer
; igbinary - a binary serializer
; msgpack - a cross-language binary serializer
; The default is igbinary if available, then msgpack if available, then php otherwise.
memcached.serializer = "igbinary"
; Use SASL authentication for connections
; valid values: On, Off
; the default is Off
memcached.use_sasl = Off
; The amount of retries for failed store commands.
; This mechanism allows transparent fail-over to secondary servers when
; set/increment/decrement/setMulti operations fail on the desired server in a multi-server
; environment.
; the default is 2
memcached.store_retry_count = 2