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A .Net client to query and modify Salesforce metadata
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sfmd: Salesforce metadata utility

A .Net client to query and modify Salesforce metadata from the command-line. Initially limited to Custom Object metadata only.

This is intended as an end-to-end proof of concept showing how to integrate C# and the Salesforce Metadata API. Nevertheless, it is still a usable tool that allows you to retrieve some limited metadata information.


Edit the App.config file and configure your username, password and token. You're ready to use sfmd


Reading metadata

To get custom object metadata (including standard objects too), type

sfmd get -o <object types>

For instance:

sfmd get -o Account Contact Lead

Creating metadata

To create a custom object, type

sfmd create -o <object name> -l <object label> -p <plural object label>

for instance:

sfmd create -o Test -l Test -p Tests

This will create a new Custom Object named "Test__c", with a label of "Test" and a plural label of "Tests". It will contain a single custom field, called "Test Name", to name your object

Deleting metadata

To delete a custom object, type

sfmd delete -o <object types>

for instance:

sfmd delete -o Test__c

Use carefully! There are no confirm options!

For more info, visit:

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