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Simple Chromium Updater (chrupd.cmd)

Self executable PowerShell script to auto update Chromium for Windows

Uses RSS feed from to download and install latest Chromium version, if a newer version is available. Options can be set in script or using command line arguments (try "chrupd.cmd -h")

  • default is to get the "stable" 64-bit ("sync") Installer by "Nik"
  • verifies SHA1/MD5 hash and runs installer


2018-10-12: Added 2 alternative modes to add Scheduled Tasks:

  1. Normal: Windows 8+ and 2012+, PowerShell 3.0+ (ScheduledTasks module)
  2. Legacy: Windows 7 and 2008, PowerShell 2.0+ (COMObject Schedule.Service)
  3. Command: Windows XP and 2003 (schtasks.exe)

OS version should be detected and correct mode automatically selected, but tsMode can be used to force it. If the script is still unable to add a New Task it will display instructions on how to do it manually. It can also export to Task XML file. This takes care of issue #3.

2018-08-09: Nik's nosync builds are no longer available (more info). Removed related getFile option as it is no longer needed.

2018-07-29: FIXED

There seems to be an mismatch between the Version and Revision listed in the RSS feed and URL of Nik's dev "sync" Installer (issue #1). Added option "-ignVer" to ignore this and skip checking version, be sure to manually check correct version when using this option.


Make sure the combination of editor and channel is correct:

editor: channel:
Nik stable, dev
RobRich dev
Chromium dev
ThumbApps dev

You can also use thelist option or for more information about versions see: (RSS atom feed).

Scheduled Task:

You can add a Scheduled Task with "crTask". A VBS wrapper will be written to chrupd.vbs which is used to hide it's window. Option "noVbs" disables the wrapper, this will however cause a flashing window when the task runs.


To update Simple Chromium Updater to a newer version just replace "chrupd.cmd". If you have Scheduled Task setup you do not need to change it.

For easy execution this PowerShell script is embedded in a Batch .CMD file using a "polyglot wrapper". It can be renamed to chrupd.ps1. More info: and

Note that this script has no connection to the preexisting ChrUpdWin.cmd Batch file by Michael Kharitonov

USAGE: chrupd.cmd -[editor|channel|autoUpd|force|getVer|list]

         -editor  can be set to 
         -channel can be set to 
         -force   always (re)install, even if latest Chromium is installed
         -getVer  lists currently installed Chromium version
         -list    lists editors website, repository and installer

         -tsMode  can be set to <1|2|3> or "auto" if unset, details below
         -crTask  to create a daily scheduled task
         -rmTask  to remove scheduled task
         -shTask  to show scheduled task details
         -noVbs   to not use vbs wrapper to hide window when creating task
         -confirm to answer Y on prompt about removing scheduled task

EXAMPLE: .\chrupd.cmd -editor Nik -channel stable [-crTask]

NOTES:   - Options "editor" and "channel" need an argument (CasE Sensive)
         - Option "tsMode" task scheduler modes: unset Default=Auto(Detect OS),
             or: 1=Normal(Windows8+), 2=Legacy(Win7), 3=Command(WinXP)
         - Schedule "xxTask" options can also be used without any other options
         - Options can be set permanently using variables inside script