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Simple Chromium Updater (chrupd.cmd)

" Self executable PowerShell script to auto update Chromium for Windows "

✔ Runs on all Windows versions

✔ One file download, no need to install and no other software required

✔ Needs little to no configuration, but (advanced) options are available

This script uses the RSS feed from or GitHub API to download and install the latest Chromium version, if a newer version is available.

Download and run chrupd.cmd or read below for more details.

When you run the script it does the following:

  • by default it'll get the Chromium "stable" 64-bit Installer by "Hibbiki"
  • verifies SHA1/MD5 file hash and runs installer
  • chrupd auto updates itself

Options can be set in script or by using command line arguments.

🗓 Latest version: 20230818 (

⚙Chromium versions

Source Name* Channel
Hibbiki stable, dev
Marmaduke stable, dev
Ungoogled-Marmaduke stable
Ungoogled-Portable stable
Official (The Chromium Authors) dev
justclueless dev
Ungoogled-Eloston dev

* Name used be called "Editor" in previous versions

* Defaults in bold

Make sure the combination of name and channel you pick is correct. You can also use chrupd.cmd -list. For more information about versions check, it's feed and

  • using -name Ungoogled still works (now done by Marmaduke)
  • for the builds from use Official
  • some authors release archive files instead of installers, more info: docs/

⏰Scheduled Task

To make sure Chromium is always automatically updated to the latest version you can optionally add a Scheduled Task by using chrupd.cmd -crTask. A VBS wrapper will be written to chrupd.vbs which is used to hide it's window. Option noVbs disables the wrapper, this will however cause a flashing window when the task runs. Specifed settings for 'name' and 'channel' are used to run the script every day.

🔃Updating Script

The script auto updates itself (since v20210109).

(!) If you keep getting an error about "Unable to get new script, skipped update", this means a new version was detected but the script was unable to get the new version from GitHub. Try again later or manually update.

To manually update to a newer script version just replace "chrupd.cmd". Copy "name" and "channel" if set. If you have Scheduled Task setup you do not need to change the task.


For easy execution this PowerShell script is embedded in a Batch .CMD file 'chrupd.cmd' which is all you need to run.

See docs/ for details about other files.

💻Command Line Options

chrupd.cmd -h

Simple Chromium Updater (chrupd.cmd:20230811)

Installs latest available Chromium version
Checks RSS feed from "" and GitHub API

USAGE: chrupd.cmd -[name|arch|channel|force] or -[list|crTask|shTask]

         -name    option must be set to a release name:   (default=Hibbiki)
         -channel can be set to [stable|dev] (default=stable)
         -arch    can be set to [64bit|32bit] (default=64bit)

         -list    show available releases and exit
         -crTask  create a daily scheduled task and exit
         -shTask  show scheduled task details and exit
         -force   always (re)install, even if latest version is installed

EXAMPLE: ".\chrupd.cmd -name Marmaduke -arch 64bit -channel stable [-crTask]"

NOTES:   Options "name" and "channel" need an argument (CasE Sensive)
         Try 'chrupd.cmd -advhelp' for "advanced" options
y 'chrupd.cmd -advhelp' for "advanced" options

More info about advanced options can be found here: docs/