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cpptoxml is a tool that transform C++ code into an XML file.

It is based on the C++ parser originally written by Roberto
Raggi for KDevelop, as published by Trolltech in their
QtJambi product.

== Building ==

It currently depends on Qt 4. It is built with:


== A Note on Licenses ==

The parser itself (residing in the directory named parser)
is under the GPLv2 license and is copyrighted by Trolltech.
The rest of the code is under the GPLv2 as well.

You can find a copy of the license in the file gpl-2.0.txt

The parser has been modified slightly from the Trolltech
version. While this is not enough to grant a new copyright,
please avoid reporting bugs to them if you are not sure that
it is their code at fault.

== Contact ==

You can contact the authors at:

 * Mauro Iazzi <>

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