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scintilla update for SciTE 2.11 Apr 19, 2010


This is a modified SciTE editor, which includes the following:

  • Scintilla and SciTE version 2.03 - the original SciTE editor and Scintilla text editor control.
  • Scintillua by Mitchell Foral - modification of Scintilla to use LPEG based parser.
  • SciTE-tools by Mitchell Foral - useful text-editing utilities and modifications to SciTE.
  • SciteDebug by Steve Donovan - allows to debug Lua and C/C++ programs in SciTE
  • Incremental Autocomplete patch by Sergey Kishchenko - autocomplete shows up without while editing the text without the need to press any special key.

The editor is built using the latest version of these projects by Mar 27, 2010.

I got tired of assembling it separately on every computer I use, so I put them together in one project.

The latest version can be found at the repository.

Dependencies and modifications

I removed the Lua interpreter from SciTE source and modified the makefile to use existing Lua interpreter. You can also use LuaJIT by compilig SciTE with make USE_LUAJIT=1. Also, the LPEG library is removed froum source, you need to have it installed in your system in a way accessible to Lua (ie. in package.cpath).

I also modified some default values in, if you do not like them, feel free to edit/remove them.

Extman.lua from SciteDebug is modified to call modules in SciTE-tools, and modules in SciTE-tools are modified to co-exist with extman.lua.

You can add your custom Lua scripts for extman to the folder $(SciteDefaultHome)/scite-debug/scite_lua, like the ones from this repository.


Currently only Linux installation is tested, and it's not yet fully automated (to be done soon), so run these commands in the project directory:

cd scintilla/gtk
cd ../../scite/gtk
make install # as root

It will install SciTE and all required files into /usr/share/scite/.

Manual installation

If you want to install SciTE into some other place, skip the last 'make install' and copy scite/bin/SciTE executable, scite/src/*.properties into destination folder and then copy and overwrite all files and directories from scite/custom/* into destination folder.