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Sample Code for a variety of Kubernetes services
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Kubernetes Zoo


  • Elastic Search
    • Single Instance StatefulSet(DaemonSet used to handle node config: related issue)
      • Deploy: kubectl apply -f basic-elasticsearch.yaml
    • Simple Cluster of 3 Instances/2 Masters sized to fit on a ns-standard-1 instance from gcp
      • Deploy: chmod +x && ./
      • Note this can take 10-15 Minute before the service is available, probably due to CPU limits
  • Sample wordpress App with MySql - Makes use of persistent volumes/StatefulSets
  • Basic Guestbook App
    • Redis Master/Slave Configuration
    • Ingress Service

useful images:

  • for performing nslookup/ping
    • kubectl run bb-diagnostics --image=radial/busyboxplus:curl -it --rm

Command Cheatsheet

  • kubectl top nodes
  • kubectl top pods
  • kubectl logs -f [POD]
  • kubectl get all
  • gcloud container clusters resize [CLUSTER_NAME] --node-pool [POOL_NAME] --num-nodes [NUM_NODES]
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