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Simple file roller for log files
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Simple tool to roll over the logs. You can use it to redirect your stdout/stderr and create rolling log file.

to build


to run

some_cmd | ./stdroller -f some_file_name

currently supported options

  stdroller -f file_name|--file=file_name [-s|--sufix] [-l size|--limit=size]
                                          [-r|--rollover] [-n|--newline]


  -f file_name
  --file=file_name    - File name where log will be stored.

  --sufix             - Should I create suffix files or not?
                        If you want me to create suffix files
                        I will create each new suffix file after limit
                        is reached. Otherwise, I will overwrite
                        oryginal log. I mean, I will overwrite it
                        like destroying it, cleaning, you will get
                        no nothing.

  -l limit
  --limit=limit       - Log size limit; default is 1GB. You can use SI prefixes
                        to specify the size of file, e.g.: 10K, 21k, 10G, etc.

  --rollover          - If you set roll over flag, I will not destroy content
                        However, tail -F will not work in this case. So, you
                        are the one to decide which log style you prefer.
  --newline           - Flush on new line instead of number of characters.

  --help              - Surprize, surprize! I will show you help message.
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