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A streaming media recorder written in Go
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Installation and requirements

go get
go get
go get
  • Needs at least go1.3.3 or newer.

If you want to build it statically, use this command:

CGO_ENABLED=0 go build -a -installsuffix gorecord.go


Create/Edit configuration in the current git location (will be fixed with cli, eventually) as 'conf.gcfg':

interface = eth0
port = 2000
timelayout = 2006-01-02T15:04:05-0700
mediadir = /home/mkozjak/tmp
  • interface: Recording interface used (linux/bsd: ifconfig)
  • port: Listening port for JSONRPC server
  • timelayout: Datetime layout provided in a request to the JSONRPC server
  • mediadir: Directory where streaming media will be stored (recorded)

Build and run the application with:

go install path/to/recorder.go
go run path/to/recorder.go

Before scheduling content, a channel needs to be registered (JSON-RPC 2.0):

Method: 'Methods.AddChannel'
Params: [{ 'channel_uid': 'mychannel', 'type': 'udp', 'address': '', 'port': '1234' }]

Schedule/record content (JSON-RPC 2.0):

Method: 'Methods.ScheduleRecording'
Params: [{ 'recording_uid': '861', 'channel_uid': 'mychannel', 'start': '2015-12-07T16:42:00+0100', 'end': '2015-12-07T16:42:20+0100' }]

Running with Docker:

docker run --name gorecord --net=host -it -v /path/to/conf/gorecord.ini:/conf/gorecord.ini /gorecord -l -c conf/gorecord.ini


Use godoc to view the documentation.


  • create cli interface (so users can schedule/start recordings via cli or jsonrpc)
  • autodetect multicast stream type (udp/rtp) (mod 188 (pkt size) = udp; mod 12 or more = rtp)
  • add unicast support
  • complete documentation
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