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Qt based micro web framework with middleware design
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License MIT Language (C++)

Recurse is set to be a modern web micro framework written in latest C++ (14) using Qt library leveraging all the best features of both worlds. We strongly emphasize on writing a clean and easy to understand code and avoid using templates to encourage contributions.

Recurse aims to be small with no middlewares bundled in the core. This should allow it to be very robust for writing next generation web applications and APIs.

It is inspired by Node.js koa and Express micro frameworks.


#include "recurse.hpp"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    Recurse app(argc, argv);

    // logger
    app.use([](auto &ctx, auto next)
        qDebug() << ctx.request.ip;

    // hello world
    app.use([](auto &ctx)
        ctx.response.send("Hello world");



This is a header-only library. To use, just include recurse.hpp inside your project. See examples for more information.

NOTE you also need context.hpp, request.hpp, response.hpp as recurse.hpp depends on them.


There is no middleware bundled in the core. For example, for routing, one can use Router

#include "router.hpp"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    Recurse app(argc, argv);

    Module::Router router;

    router.GET("/hello/:user", [](auto &ctx, auto /* next */)
        ctx.response.send("Hello World " + ctx.request.params["user"]);


404 - Not Found

By default, if no middleware responds, Recurse will respond with Not Found message, and 404 HTTP error code.

To make your own response, simply add new middleware at the end of the list

// if any middleware before this responds this won't get called
app.use([](auto &ctx)
    ctx.response.status(404).send("Custom Not Found");

For a complete example see 404 example

You can also have it as a first middleware (if you already have some first middleware that does your logging or similar)

app.use([](auto &ctx, auto next, auto prev)
    next([&ctx, prev]
        // this is last code to be called before sending response to client
        if(ctx.response.status() == 404)
            ctx.response.body("Custom Not Found");



When writing code, please use the provided .clang-format file. There is a nice vim-clang-format plugin that you can use in vim.

You can also call it manually

clang-format -i source.hpp

# to format all files
find . -name "*.hpp" -or -name "*.cpp" | xargs clang-format -i

And you can also use shortcut command

clang-format -i -style="{BasedOnStyle: WebKit, PointerAlignment: Right, Standard: Cpp11, TabWidth: 4, UseTab: Never, BreakBeforeBraces: Allman, AllowShortFunctionsOnASingleLine: false, ContinuationIndentWidth: 0, MaxEmptyLinesToKeep: 1, NamespaceIndentation: All, AccessModifierOffset: 0}" source.hpp

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