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ecto_corrector contains Ecto ( bindings for the pose_corrector ROS package ( The main purpose of ecto_corrector is to provide pose refinement functionality when matching a 3D mesh model into range data.


ecto_corrector currently requires the following ROS packages to be installed and in your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH:

  • pose_corrector
  • sensor_msgs
  • geometry_msgs
  • tabletop_object_detector

You must also have ecto ( and ecto_pcl ( The recommended method for getting these dependencies is through ecto_kitchen (

Example instructions for building ecto_corrector:
cd ecto_corrector
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -Decto_DIR=~/ecto_kitchen/build -Decto_pcl_INCLUDES=~/ecto_kitchen/pcl/include
make -j4

Running example programs in the scripts directory:

As with other ecto Python scripts, make sure you have your PYTHONPATH set up properly. Use the script in ecto_corrector/build as well as the scripts for other required ecto packages prior to running the script.