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I may be slow to respond.
I may be slow to respond.


Vitalii Rudnykh a2u
follow me too 😉

@cloudlinux All over the place

Roman Bolshakov roolebo

@yadro-kns St. Petersburg, Russia

Dmitriy Dmitriy-Vas
#Go #TypeScript #Java | Discord: Dmitriy#0325


David Wright w0ns88
Digital Craftsman, Fullstack Dev




Linux + Haskell + Emacs = Fire
Meka Claude MekaClaude
Front end, Web Design & Graphic design enthusiast.


Felix Singer felixsinger

Germany, Hesse, Darmstadt

ztwu AresTao

Alibaba beijing

Kasper Olsson Hans olzzon
I work in the technical department at TV2 Denmark, working with control systems for Video and Audio.


0.01x Engineer. The (Myspace) Tom of GitHub. 11% of pre-tax income to effective altruism charities.

@pinterest (formerly @Yelp) I love San Francisco

Eli Grey eligrey
Full-stack web developer and offensive security researcher.

@transcend-io Bay Area, CA

Sergey A. murlakatamenka
Rust | C++ | Python. Free Open Source Software enthusiast. Arch Linux / KDE Plasma user

/dev/null Minsk, Belarus

冯建华(冯子) fjh658
Impossible to I'm possible

@Alibaba hangzhou

airbender digideskio
Public Relations professional turned opensource evangelist @EnterStudios @Schoolforbasics @Shasthojoy @EpicGames

Digidesk Bangladesh

Eli Tallman elitallman
I am a big fan of Python and Linux. I also have interest in improving recognition of historic contributors to various areas of computer science
Angus H. angusshire

UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Working on software professionally since 2013. Focusing mostly on the web/JavaScript.
Nathan Rashleigh ntr-808

Melbourne, Australia

leiyonglin l2x

Beijing, China

Ciaran Downey ciarand

Google Sunnyvale, CA

Simon Krauter trustable-code
Software developer and open source enthusiast using mostly Linux, Nim and JavaScript. Studied computer science, currently employed as C++ developer. Germany, Stuttgart

tmberg tmberg

tmberg Uppsala, Sweden

Fred Ménez fredmenez
Go trainer / developer. Interested in #go #backend #cloudnative #kubernetes #multimedia #polymer #webcomponents #webapps. Paris

Herbert Fischer hgfischer
Brazilian, Curious, Tinkerer, Explorer, Coder, Maker.

@CrossEngage Berlin, Germany

vodaion vodaion

Romania, Bucuresti

Finn Skødt Toft ftoft

Fito Development Denmark

Alex Soares alxsoares
Computer Engineer working with Machine Learning applied to all kinds of solutions to hard problems.

Google United States

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