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Nyah Check Ch3ck

Black | Hacker @komand

@Mountain-Hub Buea, Cameroon

Kevin SuperNascher

/dev/null as a cloud service 👍


airbender digideskio

Public Relations professional turned opensource evangelist

Digidesk Bangladesh

Eli Tallman elitallman

I am a big fan of Python and Linux. I also have interest in improving recognition of historic contributors to various areas of computer science

Angus Hung angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Anthony Mayfield mrmayfield

Head Of Engineering at @autolotto Vancouver, BC

Nathan Rashleigh margh Melbourne, Australia

Simon Krauter trustable-code

Software development is my passion. Since I finished my computer science studies, I work full time as software developer. I develop for Linux, Windows and Web. Germany, Stuttgart

tmberg tmberg


tmberg Sweden

Fred Ménez fredmenez

Go trainer / developer. Interested in #go #backend #cloudnative #kubernetes #multimedia #polymer #webcomponents #webapps. Paris

Herbert Fischer hgfischer

Brazilian, Curious, Tinkerer, Explorer, Coder, Maker.

@CrossEngage Berlin, Germany

vodaion vadeara

Romania, Bucuresti

Finn Skødt Toft ftoft

Fito Development Denmark

Jack Pearkes pearkes

HashiCorp Los Angeles

Dave Foster daf

Axiom Data Science Providence, RI, USA

Antonio Tuzzi antoniotuzzi Cagliari, Italy

BFranca Bfranca Barcelona

Ben Cole wengole

Prezola Bristol, UK