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OV Chipkaart Travel History

Docker image to download travel history of an anonymous OV Chipkaart using this website.


As of now (September 2016), OV Chipkaart doesn't provide open API to download travel history, including top-up transactions.

This tool is a workaround around the missing API. It uses a headless Chrome browser and Selenium to scrape travel history from OV Chipkaart website and store it in a CSV file.


docker run \
  --env OVCHIPKAART_CARD_NUMBER="[card_number]" \
  --env OVCHIPKAART_EXPIRATION_DATE="[card_expiration_date]" \
  --volume [download-dir]=/data \
  --privileged \
  mkrcah/ov-chipkaart-tx:latest \


  • card_number and card_expiration_date are information that can be found on your anonymous OV chipkaart
  • month is a time period for which travel history will be downloaded, in YYYY-MM format. Currently, you can download transactions only half a year back from current date, not earlier.
  • download-dir a directory where the CSV file with transactions will be saved

There is an optional argument available:

  • --export-filename [filename] which specified name of the downloaded CSV file.

Card details can be also supplied via a file using the --env-file flag.

Note: --privileged is required in order for Chromium to start.


$ cat env.list

$ docker run --env-file=env.list \
   --volume $(pwd)/export-data=/data \
   --privileged mkrcah/ov-chipkaart-tx \
   --month "2016-09"
Starting chrome...
Loading login page

$ ls ./export-data


Try to open the page and fill in provided data manually. If not, try installing selenium and running the script locally. If that doesn't help, or you find yourself lost, please open an issue.