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Random text detector

Build Status

Unsupervised automatic detector of random text based on the algorithm described in this blog post. The interactive version is available on Sample training and result data is in the data dictionary.

How to run

  • Install sbt with brew install sbt or in any other way
  • git clone
  • cd random-text-detect
  • sbt stage
  • Run ./target/universal/stage/bin/random-text-detector


Usage: random-text-detector start-server|batch filename


  • batch Compute suspicious score for each word in a given list and print the result to stdin.
  • start-server Start an http server on the port specified by the PORT env property or 8080 if not specified. Call GET /api/detect?q=your-word to get a suspicious score for your-word. Navigate your browser to / or /index.html for the interactive version.
  • filename File containing a list of words, each word on a separate line.


The code should be directly deployable to Heroku.