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Update sidekiq licensing to avoid GPL incompatibilities

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Copyright (c) Mike Perham
-Sidekiq is open source licensed under the GPLv3 for non-commerical use:
+You may choose to license Sidekiq in one of two ways:
+- Open Source under the GPLv3
Please see <> for license text.
-To purchase a commercial license, you must pledge $50 to my Pledgie
-fund at The commercial license can
-be found in COMM-LICENSE.
+- Commercial License
+ The Sencha commercial software license in COMM-LICENSE. You must pledge
+ $50 to my Pledgie fund at to use
+ this license.
+This commercial license is just meant to help support my OSS work. If
+you do buy the commercial licensing option, thank you for your support!
@@ -47,13 +47,7 @@ Please see the [sidekiq wiki]( for more
-sidekiq is GPLv3 licensed for **non-commercial use only**. For a commercial
-license, you must give $50 to my [Pledgie campaign](
-Considering the hundreds of hours I've spent writing OSS, I hope you
-think this is a reasonable price. BTW, the commercial license is in
-COMM-LICENSE and is the [Sencha commercial license v1.10]( with the Support (section 11) terms removed.
-Support is provided through GitHub Issues. You are welcome to try the
-software for 2 weeks.
+Please see LICENSE for licensing details.
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