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(ns epitaph.civs
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[ :refer [event-info]]
[epitaph.language :refer [gen-language gen-word]]
[epitaph.rand :refer [pick-n]]
[epitaph.techs :refer [all-techs]]))
;;; event descriptions
(defn replace-all [s replacements]
(if-let [[key val] (first replacements)]
(let [val (cond (vector? val) (rand-nth val)
(fn? val) (val)
:else val)]
(recur (.. s (split key) (join val)) (rest replacements)))
(defn recursively-replace-all [s replacements]
(let [s' (replace-all s replacements)]
(if (= s' s)
(recur s' replacements))))
(defn make-description [civ event stardate]
(str/join (:desc event))
(assoc (merge (:vocab civ) (:vocab event)) "$STARDATE" stardate)))
;;; generic event processing
(defn has-prereqs? [civ event]
(every? #(contains? (:knowledge civ) %) (:prereqs event)))
(defn process-event [civ event stardate]
(-> civ
(update :knowledge conj (:name event))
(update :events conj {:desc (make-description civ event stardate)})
(update :event-chances #(merge-with + % (:event-chances event)))
(merge (:set-vars event))))
(defn invite [civ stardate]
(-> civ
(assoc :state :joined)
(dissoc :event-chances)
(update :events conj
{:desc (make-description civ
{:desc ["In $STARDATE, the $CIV joined us."]}
;;; generate civs
(def all-traits
["adaptable" "adventurous" "aloof" "analytical" "arrogant" "artistic" "avaricious" "anxious"
"belligerent" "boisterous" "bold" "brusque"
"clannish" "creative" "curious"
"daring" "delicate" "devout" "diligent" "diminutive" "duplicitous"
"elegant" "enduring" "enterprising" "enthusiastic"
"fearful" "flamboyant"
"harmless" "honest" "honorable" "humble"
"industrious" "intelligent"
"meticulous" "moral"
"nimble" "noble" "nomadic"
"obsequious" "obsessive" "outgoing"
"passionate" "passive" "playful" "polite" "possessive" "proud"
"regretful" "reliable" "resilient"
"sedentary" "serious" "solitary" "stoic" "studious" "sturdy" "subtle"
"taciturn" "tenacious" "thrifty" "timid"
"warlike" "wise"])
(defn gen-civ [stardate]
(let [language (gen-language)
gen-caps-word #(str/capitalize (gen-word language))
gen-caps-name #(if (zero? (rand-int 5))
(str (gen-caps-word) " " (gen-caps-word))
species (gen-caps-word)
[trait1 trait2 trait3] (pick-n 3 all-traits)
system (gen-caps-name)
planet (gen-caps-name)]
{:name species
:state :normal
:language language
:knowledge #{}
:events [{:desc (str "We first became aware of the " species " in " stardate ". "
"They " (rand-nth ["inhabit" "reside on"]) " the "
(rand-nth ["abundant" "arid" "barren" "chilly" "cold" "dry" "dusty"
"frigid" "humid" "lush" "misty" "overgrown" "rainy" "rocky"
"sparse" "steamy" "stormy" "temperate" "torrid" "verdant"
"warm" "wet" "windy"])
" planet " planet " in the " system " system. "
"They are " trait1 ", " trait2 ", and " trait3 ". ")}]
:vocab {"$BEAST" (gen-word language)
"$CITY" (gen-caps-name)
"$CIV" species
"$CONQUEROR" (str (gen-caps-name)
(when (> (rand) 0.5)
(str " the "
(rand-nth ["Conqueror" "Great" "Magnificent" "Merciful" "Ruthless"]))))
"$CROP" (gen-word language)
"$FISH" (gen-word language)
"$PET" (gen-word language)
"$PLANET" planet
"$RELIGION" (gen-caps-word)
"$SYSTEM" system}
:tech-chance (/ 1 90)
:event-chances {:asteroid (/ +1 1000)
:volcano (/ +1 1000)
:food-illness (/ +1 1000)
:gamma-ray-burst (/ +1 3000)
:pets (/ +1 1000)}
:notification-pitch (rand-nth ["C4" "D4" "E4" "F4" "G4" "A4" "B4"
"C5" "D5" "E5" "F5" "G5" "A5" "B5"])}))
;;; update civs each tick
(defn possible-event-chances [civ]
(->> (:event-chances civ)
(filter #(pos? (second %)))
(map #(-> [(event-info (first %)) (second %)]))
(remove #(contains? (:knowledge civ) (:name (first %))))
(filter #(has-prereqs? civ (first %)))
(defn possible-techs [civ]
(when (= (:state civ) :normal)
(->> all-techs
(remove #(contains? (:knowledge civ) (:name %)))
(filter #(has-prereqs? civ %)))))
(defn maybe-select-event [civ]
(loop [event-chances (possible-event-chances civ)]
(if-let [[event chance] (first event-chances)]
(if (< (rand) chance)
(recur (rest event-chances)))
;; if no event selected, maybe (1/100 chance) select a tech
(let [techs (possible-techs civ)]
(when (and (seq techs) (< (rand) (:tech-chance civ)))
(rand-nth techs))))))
(defn civ-tick [civ stardate]
(case (:state civ)
(update civ :cycles-since-extinction (fnil inc 0))
(let [event (maybe-select-event civ)]
(cond-> civ event (process-event event stardate)))