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(def event-info
{;; initial extinction events
{:name :asteroid
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, $PLANET collided with a $ADJ $OBJ, resulting in a "
"mass extinction event which wiped out all traces of $CIV "
:vocab {"$ADJ" ["wandering" "wayward"]
"$OBJ" ["asteroid" "comet" "planetoid"]}}
{:name :volcano
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a massive volcanic eruption filled the skies of "
"$PLANET with ash and blotted out the sun. The ensuing volcanic "
"winter threw the planet's delicate ecosystem wildly out of "
"balance, bringing about the end of $CIV civilization."]}
{:name :gamma-ray-burst
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a gamma-ray burst – caused by the explosion of a "
"star roughly $DIST $UNIT from the $SYSTEM system – showered "
"$PLANET in high energy electromagnetic radiation. The planet's "
"atmospheric ozone layer shielded planetary life from immediate "
"harm, but was dramatically depleted in the process. Stripped of "
"its protection against ordinary UV radiation, the planet's ecosystem "
"gradually collapsed, ushering in the end of $CIV civilization."]
:vocab {"$DIST" #(+ 900 (* 100 (rand-int 80)))
"$UNIT" ["light-years" "parsecs"]}}
{:name :food-illness
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a food-borne illness began to spread rapidly through "
"the $CIV population. Less than 10% of the $CIV survived the plague, "
"causing a population bottleneck which eventually brought about the "
"total collapse of $CIV civilization."]}
;; food-related extinction events
{:name :overhunting
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["Due to the extreme effectiveness of stone tools in hunting $BEAST, "
"the $CIV managed to hunt the $BEAST species to extinction. Being "
"reliant on the $BEAST for food, the $CIV then suffered a famine "
"which brought about the end of $CIV civilization."]}
{:name :overfishing
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["As the $CIV population increased, they began to overfish the waters "
"of $PLANET. By $STARDATE, they had driven the $FISH species to "
"extinction. The ensuing famine brought about a total collapse of "
"$CIV civilization."]}
{:name :crop-failure
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a combination of $ADJ weather and pestilence caused "
"a near-total failure of the $CROP crop. Being overreliant on $CROP "
"cultivation for food, the $CIV then suffered a massive famine which "
"brought about the end of $CIV civilization."]
:vocab {"$ADJ" ["inclement" "poor"]}}
;; second-tier tech-related extinction events
{:name :forest-fire
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a cooking fire started by one of the $CIV jumped to "
"the forest, where it quickly blazed out of control. When the fire "
"finally burned itself out, the forest had been almost completely "
"destroyed, disrupting the ecosystem of $PLANET enough to cause a "
"total collapse of $CIV civilization."]}
{:name :war-over-metal
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, due to the growing importance of metal-forged weapons "
"in warfare and the scarcity of metal deposits on $PLANET, a massive "
"and bloody conflict erupted over control of these deposits. Over 80% "
"of the $CIV population was wiped out in the fighting, a loss from "
"which $CIV civilization was ultimately unable to recover."]}
{:name :city-plague
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a virulent new plague spread swiftly through the "
"largest and densest centers of $CIV population. Living in such "
"close proximity, the city-dwelling $CIV were almost entirely wiped "
"out by the disease, a loss from which $CIV civilization was "
"ultimately unable to recover."]}
{:name :sea-plague
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a number of $CIV $PEOPLE returned from across the sea "
"bearing symptoms of an unfamiliar illness. Having no immunity to "
"the germs that caused the disease, the majority of the $CIV "
"population was wiped out by the ensuing plague."]
:vocab {"$PEOPLE" ["explorers" "traders"]}}
;; early flavor events
{:name :pets
:desc ["The $CIV have domesticated a species of small $ADJ $ANIMALS. The pets "
"assist their $CIV owners with $TASK in exchange for food and shelter."]
:vocab {"$ADJ" ["flying" "feathered" "fluffy" "furry" "scaly" "winged"]
"$ANIMALS" ["animals" "creatures" "predators"]
"$TASK" ["hunting" "navigation" "pest control"]}}
{:name :large-city
:event-chances {:city-fortress (/ +3 1000)
:city-holy (/ +3 1000)
:city-trade (/ +3 1000)}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, the $CIV population reached 25 million individuals. "
"Many of these $LIVE within permanent cities, the largest of which "
"is known as $CITY and has a population of $POP,000."]
:vocab {"$LIVE" ["dwell" "live" "reside"]
"$POP" #(+ 15 (rand-int 80))}}
{:name :conqueror
:event-chances {:city-fortress (/ +10 1000)}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, many of the $ADJ $CIV $CLANS were united under a "
"single banner by an individual known as $CONQUEROR. $NEW_EMPIRE "
"rules over approximately $PERCENT% of the entire $CIV population. "
"$AS_USUAL, it is governed by $GOV."]
:vocab {"$ADJ" ["disparate" "fractious" "warring"]
"$CLANS" ["city-states" "clans" "kingdoms" "tribes" "villages"]
"$NEW_EMPIRE" ["The resulting empire has its capital at $CITY and"
"The city of $CITY $WAS_MADE the capital of the resulting empire, which"]
"$WAS_MADE" ["has become" "has been declared" "has been made" "has been named"]
"$PERCENT" #(+ 5 (rand-int 40))
"$AS_USUAL" ["Like many other $CIV states" "Unusually for the $CIV"]
"$GOV" ["a council of $LEADERS" "a hereditary monarch"
"an elected tyrant" "direct democratic vote"]
"$LEADERS" ["aristocrats" "clerics" "elders" "oligarchs" "war leaders"]}}
{:name :religion
:event-chances {:city-holy (/ +10 1000)}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, $A_NEW religion known as $RELIGION $BECAME the "
"official religion of the largest $CIV state. Adherents of $RELIGION "
"wear $ADJ1 $THINGS to mark themselves as believers."]
:vocab {"$A_NEW" ["a rapidly growing" "an emerging"]
"$BECAME" ["became" "was declared"]
"$THINGS" ["caps" "cloaks" "clothes" "clothing" "coats" "fabrics"
"hats" "hoods" "masks" "robes" "shawls"]
"$DISTINCTIVE" ["distinctive" "striking"]
"$ADJ2" ["beaded" "black" "blue" "brown" "dark" "embroidered" "gray"
"green" "patterned" "purple" "scarlet" "red" "white"]
"$PLAIN" ["plain" "simple"]
"$ADJ3" ["black" "blue" "brown" "dark" "gray" "green" "purple"
"scarlet" "red" "white"]
"$ADJ4" ["brightly colored"
"$ADJ5 colorful"
"elaborately decorated"
"intricately patterned"]
"$ADJ5" ["dazzlingly" "distinctive"]
"$ADJ6" ["distinctive " ""]}}
;; city flavor events (mutually exclusive)
{:name :city-fortress
:prereqs #{:large-city}
:event-chances {:city-holy -1
:city-trade -1}
:desc ["Following a long series of failed attempts to $ATTACK the city, "
"$CITY has become renowned among the $CIV as an impenetrable "
"fortress. The image of its distinctive $WALLS has been widely "
"adopted in $CIV $ART as a symbol of $SAFETY."]
:vocab {"$ATTACK" ["attack" "besiege" "capture" "conquer"]
"$WALLS" ["gate" "ramparts" "towers" "walls"]
"$ART" ["art" "culture" "literature" "oratory"]
"$SAFETY" ["resilience" "safety" "strength"]}}
{:name :city-holy
:prereqs #{:large-city}
:event-chances {:city-fortress -1
:city-trade -1}
:desc ["Due to its role as the birthplace of several major $CIV religions, "
"including the especially prominent $RELIGION faith, the city of "
"$CITY is regarded by many of the $CIV as a holy site. $DETAIL"]
:vocab {"$DETAIL" [(str "The $POPE_OF $CITY is considered the de facto "
"leader of the $RELIGION church as a whole, and "
"pilgrimages to the city are commonplace.")
(str "Leaders from all around the world $VISIT the "
"city $TO_CURRY favor with the leaders of their "
"people's religion of choice.")]
"$POPE_OF" ["archbishop of" "high priest of"
"highest-ranking $RELIGION $OFFICIAL in"]
"$OFFICIAL" ["bishop" "official" "priest"]
"$VISIT" ["journey to" "make trips to" "travel to" "visit"]
"$TO_CURRY" ["in hopes of currying" "in order to curry"]}}
{:name :city-trade
:prereqs #{:large-city}
:event-chances {:city-fortress -1
:city-holy -1}
:desc ["The city of $CITY has become renowned among the $CIV as a center of "
"commerce and trade. In particular, the $ADJ $STUFF_MADE_THERE_IS "
"highly sought after by traders around the world."]
:vocab {"$ADJ" ["delicate" "durable" "elegant" "fine" "high-quality"
"intricately decorated" "sturdy"]
#(let [stuff (rand-nth
["armor" "ceramics" "clothing" "fabrics" "glassware"
"jewelry" "pottery" "textiles" "weapons"])]
(str stuff " produced there "
(if (= (last stuff) "s") "are" "is")))}}
;; late-game events
{:name :bioterrorism
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a genetically engineered virus designed as a "
"highly lethal weapon of biological warfare was deliberately "
"distributed in several major centers of $CIV population by an "
"agent or agents of unknown affiliation. $CIV medical science "
"proved insufficient to combat the ensuing plague, which wiped "
"out all but a few isolated pockets of $CIV population and "
"brought an end to the era of $CIV technological civilization."]}
{:name :world-government
:event-chances {:nuclear-weapons -1
:nuclear-strike -1
:nuclear-war -1}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, following decades of negotiation, the various "
"sovereign $CIV nations came to an agreement concerning the "
"establishment of a unified planet-wide government for all of the "
{:name :nuclear-weapons
:prereqs #{:flight :nuclear-physics :rocketry}
:event-chances {:nuclear-strike (/ +1 90)
:nuclear-war (/ +1 90)
:skynet (/ +1 90)}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, the $CIV successfully detonated their first "
"prototype nuclear weapon. It remains unclear whether the $CIV "
"scientists who worked on the bomb understand the sheer "
"destructive potential of the weapon they have created."]}
{:name :nuclear-strike
:event-chances {:nuclear-war (/ +1 90)}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a single nuclear weapon was deployed in an attack "
"on a $SIZE $CIV city. The incident did not escalate into "
"a full-scale nuclear war, but the city was almost completely "
"obliterated, resulting in the deaths of some $POP,000 $CIV."]
:vocab {"$SIZE" ["small" "medium-sized" "large" "major"]
"$POP" #(+ (rand-int 200) 50)}}
{:name :nuclear-war
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, an early warning system employed by one of the "
"major $CIV superpowers detected an incoming nuclear attack. "
"Whether the alert was a false alarm remains unclear, but the "
"resulting nuclear counterattack and ensuing full-scale nuclear "
"war has plunged $PLANET into a state of nuclear winter from "
"which it is unlikely that $CIV civilization will ever recover."]}
{:name :skynet
:prereqs #{:artificial-intelligence}
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, an artificially intelligent agent with command "
"authority over the military forces of a major $CIV nation "
"spontaneously turned against its $CIV masters. Within weeks, the "
"thoroughly unprepared $CIV were all but exterminated in a "
"seemingly endless wave of attacks by brutally efficient military "
{:name :gray-goo
:set-vars {:state :extinct}
:desc ["In $STARDATE, a swarm of self-replicating $CIV nanobots began to "
"replicate uncontrollably, devouring vast swaths of $PLANET at a "
"rate which $CIV scientists had formerly deemed impossible. After "
"several days of rapid expansion, the swarm seems to have become "
"dormant, but not before consuming approximately 5% of the entire "
"mass of $PLANET and rendering $CIV civilization completely "