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(ns epitaph.language
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[epitaph.rand :refer [biased-rand-nth pick-n restricted]]))
(def all-consonants
["b" "b" "c" "c" "d" "d" "g" "g" "h" "h" "k" "k" "m" "m" "n" "n" "l" "p" "p"
"q" "s" "t" "t" "v" "v" "x" "y" "z"])
(def all-vowels
["a" "e" "i" "o" "u"
"a" "e" "i" "o" "u"
"a" "e" "i" "o" "u"
"a" "e" "i" "o" "u"
"A" "E" "I" "O" "U"])
(def all-sibilants
["f" "s" ""])
(def all-liquids
["j" "l" "r" "w" "" ""])
(def all-separators
["" "" "'" "-"])
(def all-vowel-orthographies
[; "normal" orthography (chosen ~half the time)
{"A" "a" "E" "e" "I" "i" "O" "o" "U" "u"}
{"A" "a" "E" "e" "I" "i" "O" "o" "U" "u"}
{"A" "a" "E" "e" "I" "i" "O" "o" "U" "u"}
{"A" "a" "E" "e" "I" "i" "O" "o" "U" "u"}
{"A" "a" "E" "e" "I" "i" "O" "o" "U" "u"}
; "special" orthographies (1/10 chance of each)
{"A" "á" "E" "é" "I" "í" "O" "ó" "U" "ú"}
{"A" "ä" "E" "ë" "I" "ï" "O" "ö" "U" "ü"}
{"A" "â" "E" "ê" "I" "î" "O" "ô" "U" "û"}
{"A" "aa" "E" "ee" "I" "ii" "O" "oo" "U" "uu"}
{"A" "å" "E" "e" "I" "i" "O" "ø" "U" "u"}])
(def all-syllable-structures
[[:cs :v :ce] [:cs :v :ce] [:cs :v :ce] [:cs :v :ce] [:cs :v :ce]
[:cs :v :v :ce] [:cs :v :v :ce] [:cs :v :v :ce]
[:cs :v :v] [:cs :v :v]
[:cs :v] [:cs :v] [:cs :v] [:cs :v] [:cs :v]
[:v :ce] [:v :ce] [:v :ce] [:v :ce]
[:cs :l :v :ce] [:cs :l :v :ce]
[:cs :l :v] [:cs :l :v]
[:cs :v :l :ce] [:cs :v :l :ce]
[:v] [:v] [:v] [:v]
[:s :cs :v :ce] [:s :cs :v :ce]
[:s :cs :v] [:s :cs :v]
[:s :l :v] [:s :l :v]
[:s :l :v :ce] [:s :l :v :ce]])
(defn gen-word* [language]
(let [{:keys [start-consonants end-consonants vowels
separator liquids sibilants]} language]
(-> (->> (biased-rand-nth (:word-structures language))
(map (fn [part]
(case part
:cs (biased-rand-nth start-consonants)
:ce (biased-rand-nth end-consonants)
:l (biased-rand-nth liquids)
:s (biased-rand-nth sibilants)
:v (biased-rand-nth vowels)
:b separator)))
(str/replace #"['-]$" "") ; eliminate trailing separators
(str/replace #"(.)\1" #(str (first (%1 1)))) ; eliminate doubles
(str/replace #"A|E|I|O|U" (:vowel-orthography language))
(str/replace #"-" "")))) ; non-breaking hyphens
(def gen-word
(restricted #(> (count %) 1) gen-word*))
(defn gen-word-structure []
(->> (pick-n (rand-nth [2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4]) all-syllable-structures)
(mapv #(cond-> % (zero? (rand-int 5)) (conj :b))) ; syllable boundaries
(reduce into)))
(defn gen-language []
{:start-consonants (pick-n (rand-nth [3 3 3 3 4]) all-consonants)
:end-consonants (pick-n (rand-nth [3 3 3 3 4]) all-consonants)
:vowels (pick-n (rand-nth [3 3 3 3 4]) all-vowels)
:separator (rand-nth all-separators)
:liquids (pick-n (rand-nth [1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3]) all-liquids)
:sibilants (pick-n (rand-nth [1 1 1 1 2]) all-sibilants)
:word-structures (repeatedly 3 gen-word-structure)
:vowel-orthography (rand-nth all-vowel-orthographies)})
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