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Monkeybot is a campfire bot to handle status tracking and misc tasks for the Fort Wayne Screaming Monkey's Guild.

The system is currently an organic hodgepodge and probably shouldn't be used anywhere without some TLC.


Add gems used by Monkeybot (in addition to Rubygems / Rails)

sudo gem install scrubyt tinder firewatir daemons

Create log dir

mkdir log

Run migrations

rake migrate

Set up your own environment in init.rb

# Use this env for your database config
RACK_ENV = 'my_env'

Copy database example file for your use

cp config/database.example.yml config/database.yml

Copy login details file for your use

copy config/private_details.example.yml to config/private_details.rb

Add your info to config/private_details.rb

ACCOUNT  = "subdomain"
LOGIN    = "email"
PASSWORD = "password"
ROOM     = "room name"

Start the bot

ruby bot.rb

Start/stop/restart the bot as a daemon (useful for "production" mode)

ruby bot_runner.rb start
ruby bot_runner.rb stop
ruby bot_runner.rb restart

Supported Commands

Change room topic

/topic foo topic

Search google (5 results)

/search foo search query

Set yourself away

/away foo status message

Turn listen responder on/off

/earmuffs on/off

Return current status of Earmuffs

/earmuffs status

View all user statuses


Set your status message without changing active/away status

/status foo status message

Get details and stats on a specific user

/finger foo user

Tell a random joke


Random Chuck Norris fact


Random Mr. T fact


Slap a user (or anything)

/slap foo

Bitchslap Tim Novinger regardless of target user

/bitchslap foo

Displays a photo of Yehuda Katz because he's just that awesome


Respond to someone telling someone else to shut up

/shutup foo

Generate random strings (up to 40 chars)

/random 8

Get weather report for a zipcode

/weather 46845

General Listeners

Comment whenever someone mentions the word "GEM"

/speaks the phrase "Oooooh shiny!!!"

Comment whenever someone mentions the word "FORT WAYNE"

/speaks the phrase "Fort Wayne FTW!"

Comment whenever someone mentions the word "MOM"

/speaks the phrase "Hey now, no reason to drag someone's mom into this."

Deprecated Functionality

Set yourself back

* This command has been deprecated in favor of automatic status updating. 
* To set your active status, use the /status command.

	    /back foo status message

To do list

  • Create a polling feature that could work using the following commands
    /poll create foo creates a new poll
    /poll destroy foo forces destruction of an old poll
    /poll foo ends datetime schedule an ending datetime for specified poll
    /poll vote foo yes|no vote in specified poll
    /poll list lists all current polls by name
    /poll status foo lists votes in specified poll
    /poll username list all polls created by specified user
    /poll todo show all polls you haven't voted in yet /poll help displays quick list of commands and descriptions

  • Extract Kanye West VMA joke photos from here and either paste in the link to follow, or paste in the image itself

  • Email log of day's messages

  • Could email some outputs instead of dump to chat

  • Use away messages (Cucumber feature below...or at least my "hack" at it)

    Feature: Away message repeating
    In order to not get Hulk angry when someone doesn't respond right away
    As a chat user I want monkeybot to repeat someone's away message when I DM them

    Scenario: Messaging a user who is away  
      Given a user "Tim Harvey:" who is "/away At a meeting"  
      When I send a message "Tim Harvey: Want to do lunch?"  
      Then monkeybot will respond "Tim Harvey is away: At a meeting"  
    Scenario: Messaging a user who is back  
      Given a user "Tim Harvey:" who is "/back Chatting with Screaming Monkeys"  
      When I send a message "Tim Harvey: Do you like Chuck Norris?"  
      Then monkeybot will not respond