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PrasannaVenkadesh committed Aug 16, 2011
0 parents commit 59d2b1b42d5e992764a68f2ae4ec3a675349fe49
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+ require 'rubygems' #Rubygems gem
+ require 'xmpp4r-simple' #Simple XML Protocol for Jabber API
+ require "highline/import" #for password protection
+ puts "Whiz Chat\nVersion - 1.0\t Developed by - S. Sathianarayanan(\nImproved by - S. Prasanna Venkadesh(\n"
+ print 'Enter the username :'
+ username = gets.chomp #Get input from username for user-id
+ #gets password for mail account, ask from higline gem
+ password = ask("Enter the password :" ) { |p| p.echo = "*" }
+ print 'to address: '
+ @to_username = gets.chomp #prompt for userid to whom you want to chat with
+ puts "Connecting to jabber server.."
+ @jabber ='',password) #using jabber api to connect with gmail account.
+ system('clear') #to clear the console screen to keep the screen clean.
+ puts "Connected.\nType bye to quit" #note you need to type 'bye' at terminal to quit the app.
+ @mess #a variable to get input message from you and also to quit from this chat.
+#method to exit
+def quit
+ #type 'bye' in terminal after logging in, you will be logged out.
+ if(@mess=="bye")
+ system('clear')
+ puts 'Disconnected...'
+ exit()
+ end
+#method to get input from you and to send to person you are in chat with.
+def send
+ while @mess!="bye" do #repeat until the user want to quit
+ @mess = gets.chomp #to get input message from user to chat
+ #method to send the message of user to recipeint.
+ @jabber.deliver(@to_username+"", @mess)
+ sleep(1) #for multithreading
+ end
+#method to read and display the message from sender
+def receive
+ #repeat until the user want to quit
+ while @mess!="bye" do
+ #method that reads the revceived message and puts in msg variable
+ @jabber.received_messages do |msg|
+ puts "=============================================="
+ puts @to_username +": " + msg.body #display message in screen
+ puts #display the time of message received
+ puts "**********************************************"
+ sleep(2) #for multithreading
+ end
+ end
+end #end of receive method
+ { send() } #instance for sending thread { receive() } #instance for receiving thread
+t1.join #when encounters sleep, jumps to thread t2
+t2.join #when encounters sleep, jumps to thread t1
+#for first time users who have not installed the required gems, this method will be run only once
+rescue LoadError
+ print 'Dependencies was not installed. Do you want to install (y) or not (n)'
+ a = gets.chomp
+ if( a == 'y')
+ system('sudo gem install xmpp4r-simple')
+ system('sudo gem install highline')
+ end
+end #end of method and program

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