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+Whiz-Chat 1.0 is a ruby script through which terminal users can chat from terminal by using their account.
+This is a team work of
+ S. Sathianarayanan( &
+ S. Prasanna Venkadesh (
+Step 1: Download the file 'chat.rb' from the repository
+Step 2: Make sure you have installed Ruby 1.8.x (Recommended) in your Linux box.
+Step 3: Run the Ruby script like 'ruby chat.rb' from your terminal.
+Step 4: Dependencies need to be satisfied for the first time, so type 'y' to satisfy dependencies from Internet.
+Step 5: Repeat step 3 again. If it again prompt for dependencies, do repeat step 3 as Super User.
+Step 6: Enter your Google mail account user_id alone (Eg:prasmailme) and dont add (, it will be automatically appended.
+Step 7: Enter the password for your account.
+Step 8: In 'to address: ' type the recepient user_id like above in Step 6.
+Step 9: If everything went fine you have will be ready to send or receive messages, or else exceptions will be thrown for User_id / Password mismatch.
+Step 10: Type 'bye' to quit from chat, the message bye will also be delivered for the receiver.
+We have a list of features to be implemented in next versions.
+Please do help us by mailing the bugs you find.

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