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pietia edited this page Sep 13, 2010 · 3 revisions
  • add support for regexps (add custom sql function for Derby,
    use hsqldb 2.0.0.rc8 (regexps)
  • enhance queries support: (join(links), group by + having, raw queries, one row in RS, subqueries in raw queries)
  • add more specs for adapter
  • add specs for hibernate/jruby specific stuff
  • add metrics tool (test coverage etc)
  • add more supported types
  • refactor classes structure
  • improve adapter ‘automagic’ (ie. remove #hibernate! or all the helper methods)
  • add support for auto_migrate! (SchemaUpdate, Liquibase) on the adapter and better support on the model
  • add more ability to configure adapter (other dbs, hibernate specific configuration)
  • add docs
  • add examples
  • make a gem (wait until there are maven gems of jar artifacts available)
  • obey the properties field and required constraints as well the storagename for the tablename
  • make sure logger logs with a block to avoid unnessecary string operations, i.e @@logger.debug { "some " + exception + " something" }
  • remove all dirty hacks from jibernate (ie. Resource#send can’t be used )
  • transactions for the adapter
  • upograde mvn artifacts ( remember about this )
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