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no Gemfile.lock on git

there are two references for different DM versions

  • ~> 1.1.0

  • ~> 1.0.0

with a simple symbolic link you can switch between these two profiles.

$ ln -s Gemfile.lock.1.1.0 Gemfile.lock

for that reason Gemfile.lock in not on github, so the script

run specs

$ bundle exec spec spec

or for some jruby versions (which needs jruby and ruby-maven gem)

$ rmvn test `$ rmvn test --Djruby.versions=1.5.6,1.6.2 -Djruby.18and19

build gem

for the ruby platform

$ gem build dm-ldap-adapter.gemspec

or for java platform (needs jruby and ruby-maven gem)

$ rmvn package

gem will be inside target/dm-ldap-adapter directory.