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version 0.4.3
* test several environments: ruby-1.8.7/1.9.2, jruby-1.5.6/1.6.2 (1.8 and 1.9 where possible), DM-1.0.x/1.1.x, net-ldap and ruby-ldap gem as backend. run the specs against all possible combinations.
* improvements with LdapArray properties
version 0.4.2
* Serial fieldnames are case insensitive now, i.e. allow capital as well
version 0.4.1
* mutliline values inside Ldap::Array
version 0.3.5
* sorting can handle nil values now
version 0.3.4
* fixed bug with or condition
* sort now case insensitive
* added setup parameter to choose the facade the ldap adapter shall use
version 0.3.3
* fix bug with empty LdapArray for ruby-ldap-adapter
* added order option to search with just using the first order attribute and ignoring the direction and other attributes
version 0.3.2
* lazy property are not loaded from ldap anymore
* new facade which uses ruby-ldap, since it has better support for ldap protocol and is about 30% faster with search queries
version 0.3.1
* fixed LdapArray bug in collections
* default of LdapArray is now a new object for each resource instance
* allow Serial to be used in dn_prefix
version 0.3.0
* fixed bug where Serial and Integer,:serial=>true were handled differently. the Integer values are handle with all types which have an Integer as primitive
* added dm-core gem dependency with version below 0.10.0
* added LdapArray type for resources which allow the use of the multivalue ldap attriutes
* allow conditions in queries, but only of the form "<property_name> <comparator> <value> [or <property_name> <comparator> <value>]*" where comparator is one of "=", "like"
version 0.2.0
* switched to Slf4r logger
* the whole thing became a gem
* cleaned up example
* moved the SHA and SSHA calculation into its own helper class (incompatible change to older version)
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