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21 lines (17 sloc) 0.776 kb do |s| = 'enforce-ssl'
s.version = '0.2.0'
s.summary = 'enforce the use of SSL for all controller actions'
s.description = 'enforce the use of SSL for all controller actions, skip the enforcement with skip_before_filter :enforce_ssl for selected actions. moto: secure everything, open where needed'
s.homepage = ''
s.authors = ['mkristian'] = ['']
s.files = Dir['MIT-LICENSE']
s.licenses << 'MIT-LICENSE'
# s.files += Dir['History.txt']
# s.files += Dir['README.textile']
# s.extra_rdoc_files = ['History.txt','README.textile']
# s.rdoc_options = ['--main','README.textile']
s.files += Dir['lib/**/*rb']
s.add_development_dependency 'rake', '0.8.7'
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