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share my private rails plugins: fuzzy-search, datanmapper-session-store, idle-session-timeouts, etc
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act_as_fuzzy_search cleaned up rubbish
audit_log cleaned up rubbish
cache_headers cleaned up rubbish
datamapper_store made cache static
erector_widgets added i18n
guard fixed exception and current_user == nil
referrer_check cleaned up rubbish
restful_transactions new erector generators and made gem for guard
session_timeout cleaned up rubbish
README.markdown added some notes on the future of the project



I moved most of the code into the project under ixtlan-core. there you will find the idle-session-timeout, guard, unrestful-authentication, cache-headers, audit-log

the dm-rails and the datamapper_store moved to

the restful_transactions went into

the erector generators I am not using anymore - erector is still in flux and I wit until their API matures (and stablize).

act_as_fuzzy_search: hmm, do not think I will revive this anymore.

so please have look at these other projects in case you are looking for maintained code.

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