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* make sure you use maven3:
freshly generated rails application
* start the webrick server:
$ mvn rails2:server
* point your browser for further info to: http://localhost:3000/maven.html
manage the gem dependencies with maven
* add all gems in the pom.xml
* remove the version from the config.gem elements in config/environment.rb to avoid conflicts, maven takes care that only one version is present and available for the application
* install all the gems in target/webgems
$ mvn gem:initialize
* if you freeze rails or unpack your dependencies you get some (or all) gems twice inside the war file. so either make sure you remove the respective copy parts from WEB-INF/gems configuration in pom.xml or remove the copy parts on the vendor directory to avoid duplications.
using the application without maven again
just run
$ mvn gem:initialize
and set
$ export GEM_HOME=target/webgems
$ export GEM_PATH=target/webgems
or the other way around, let maven use your system rubygems and set in $HOME/.m2/settings.xml
with this maven will install gems in the system rubygems (maybe you need to sudo the mvn command to do so).
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