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ruby maven Build Status

once installed it is a fully functional maven installaton with rmvn as command.

it also provides an easy way to embed maven with your ruby scripts

require 'maven/ruby/maven'
mvn =
mvn.exec( 'install', '-f' 'my-pom.xml' )

in case if JRuby it will run within the same JVM otherwise it will launch java. so you need java installed in any case.

ruby-maven also understands how to use a gemspec file or Gemfile/Jarfile from (J)Bundler as DSL:some magc creates a .pom.xml which is used to run maven.

rails magic

for a rails application the magic knows how to pack war file of the rails-application

rmvn package -Pproduction

now you can run your war-file with a servlet engine. for example using jetty-run gem:

jetty-run war my.war

executable jar

for gem project to build an executable single jar with all the classes including jruby itself and all the gems declared. it also packs all the files from the bin directory as well the executable from your embedded gems.

rmvn package -Pexecutable

now you can start your jar with

java -jar my.jar my_command


gem install ruby-maven

or with jruby

jgem install ruby-maven

MRI performs much better due to the fast startup of the interpreter.

build the gem and run specs

to build the gem you need

mvn package

will create the gem in target directory.

to run the specs it is sufficient to run

mvn process-resources

to get all the files for the gem in place (downloaded via maven). now



jruby -S rake

will run the specs.


the directory layout uses the one which comes from maven itself and thus the ruby code is located under lib/ruby.


rmvn magic obeys following files

  • .gemspec which provides project metadata as well gem dependencies and jar dependencies (via the requirements array of the gemspec)
  • Gemfile,Gemfile.lock provides gem dependencies bundler
  • Jarfile,Jarfile.lock provides jar dependencies jbundler (using maven-tools gem)
  • Mvnfile is ruby DSL as replacement for pom.xml (using maven-tools gem)
  • any jar dependencies in the gemspec requirements of any gem is honourede# rts and pull request are most welcome.


bug-reports and pull request are most welcome.

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