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-# prerequisites #
+# ruby maven [![Build Status](]( #
-* ruby 1.8.7 + rubygems
+once installed it is a fully functional maven installaton with *rmvn* as command.
-* jruby >1.5.x
+it also provides an easy way to embed maven with your ruby scripts
-# installation
+ require 'maven/ruby/maven'
+ mvn =
+ mvn.exec( 'install', '-f' 'my-pom.xml' )
+in case if JRuby it will run within the same JVM otherwise it will launch java. so you need java installed in any case.
+ruby-maven also understands how to use a gemspec file or Gemfile/Jarfile from (J)Bundler as DSL:some magc creates a .pom.xml which is used to run maven.
+## rails magic
+for a rails application the magic knows how to pack war file of the rails-application
+ rmvn package -Pproduction
+now you can run your war-file with a servlet engine. for example using jetty-run gem:
+ jetty-run war my.war
+## executable jar
+for gem project to build an executable single jar with all the classes including jruby itself and all the gems declared. it also packs all the files from the *bin* directory as well the executable from your embedded gems.
+ rmvn package -Pexecutable
+now you can start your jar with
+ java -jar my.jar my_command
+## installation
gem install ruby-maven
+or with jruby
jgem install ruby-maven
MRI performs much better due to the fast startup of the interpreter.
-# rmvn command
+## build the gem and run specs
+to build the gem you need [](maven)
+ mvn package
+will create the gem in _target_ directory.
+to run the specs it is sufficient to run
+ mvn process-resources
+to get all the files for the gem in place (downloaded via maven). now
+ rake
+ jruby -S rake
-that is basically a proper maven with a ruby launcher. on top of it can use a gemspec file or a Gemfile as POM. originally the idea of non-xml POMs is coming from []( see []( for more details about the ruby DSL, etc
+will run the specs.
-# jetty-run command
+## DSL
-just starts a jetty server inside a rails application if the Gemfile is suitable for jruby and suitable for maven (gems prereleased version are still a problem). if the Gemfile is suitable then just execute
+`rmvn` magic obeys following files
-$ jetty-run
+* <name>.gemspec which provides project metadata as well gem dependencies and jar dependencies (via the `requirements` array of the gemspec)
+* Gemfile,Gemfile.lock provides gem dependencies [bundler](
+* Jarfile,Jarfile.lock provides jar dependencies [jbundler]( (using maven-tools gem)
+* Mvnfile is ruby [DSL]( as replacement for pom.xml (using maven-tools gem)
+* any jar dependencies in the gemspec `requirements` of any gem is honourede#
+rts and pull request are most welcome.
-and you will get an http port on 8080 and an https port on 8443 with selfsigned certifacte for localhost.
+# meta-fu #
-# gwt command
+bug-reports and pull request are most welcome.
-this is a helper which allows to setup a rails application with a GWT UI and helps to run some gwt specific commands.
-see []( for more details.
@@ -32,6 +32,6 @@ do |s|
s.add_development_dependency 'minitest', '3.3.0'
s.add_development_dependency 'rake', '='
- File.chmod(0755, File.join("bin", "mvn")) if File.exists? File.join("bin", "mvn")
+ File.chmod(0755, File.join("bin", "mvn"))

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