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From zero to search in the flash of a gem.

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Solr Sail

From zero to search in the flash of a gem.


For JRuby

gem install solr_sail

For Java


May have to add the Sonatype Repo if the sync to Maven Central is slow.

    <name>Sonatype Repository</name>


From the command line

The solr_sail gem comes with the executable solrsail which makes it easy to setup and start Solr.

Setup Solr

To create a config directory to run Solr from, in the default path of solr, simply run:

solrsail install

To change the directory, you can pass --solr_home or -h:

solrsail install -h new/path/to/solr

If you want to make changes to how the Solr Server runs, you can edit the conf solr_sail.conf under the installed Solr home. Presently only port and contentpath are configurable. An example solr_sail.conf:


Start up Solr

solrsail start

To change the directory of the Solr home, you can pass --solr_home or -h:

solrsail start -h new/path/to/solr

For JRuby

Setup Solr

To create a config directory for Solr to run from

require 'rubygems'
require 'solr_sail'


Start up Solr

require 'rubygems'
require 'solr_sail'

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