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reqirements are

almost the whole readme will use jruby. that is not strictly needed since after java-to-javascript compilation everything runs with MRI as well. but to keep things simple . . .

install ruby-maven gem

jruby -S gem install ruby-maven

now there is a rmvn command available.

basically from rails point of view you just take the rails/rake commands and prefix them with 'rmvn'.

any rmvn command will place the gems for the application in the directory target/rubygems which is set as GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH by the rmvn command.

setup a fresh system

the first run of maven takes a while and for the rubygems part that is true too.

rmvn rake db:config db:migrate db:sessions:create

after that you will find the root and admin password in the file root

starting the server

for GWT development you need to use the development shell from GWT. you also can start the application with webrick (or with any other server gem) but here you need to compile first the GWT part into javascript. finally you can use MRI to run the application.

run gwt development shell (with 32bit java only !!!!)

no need for compilation just start the server and developement shell with

rmvn gwt:run

now you can launch a browser directly from that shell.

run webrick

first you need to compile the GWT application by

rmvn compile gwt:compile

then you can start the server

rmvn rails server

now use the url to start (html view):


run the test (rspec)

rmvn spec

which can run single spec as well or the rake task

rmvn rake spec


each user belong to none, one or more groups. for each action on the controller you can declare the allowed groups. see



the current groups are

scaffold a new resource

rmvn rails2 generate ixtlan_datamapper_rspec_scaffold error name:string timestamp:datetime dump:string --skip -- -Djruby.fork=false