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                          Apache Maven

  What is it?

  Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on
  the concept of a Project Object Model (POM), Maven can manage a project's
  build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.


  The most up-to-date documentation can be found at

  Release Notes

  The full list of changes can be found at

  System Requirements

    1.5 or above (this is to execute Maven - it still allows you to build against 1.3
    and prior JDK's).
    No minimum requirement.
    No minimum requirement. Approximately 100MB will be used for your local repository,
    however this will vary depending on usage and can be removed and redownloaded at
    any time.
  Operating System:
    No minimum requirement. On Windows, Windows NT and above or Cygwin is required for
    the startup scripts. Tested on Windows XP, Fedora Core and Mac OS X.

  Installing Maven

  1) Unpack the archive where you would like to store the binaries, eg:

    Unix-based Operating Systems (Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X)
      tar zxvf apache-maven-3.0.x.tar.gz
    Windows 2000/XP

  2) A directory called "apache-maven-3.0.x" will be created.

  3) Add the bin directory to your PATH, eg:

    Unix-based Operating Systems (Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X)
      export PATH=/usr/local/apache-maven-3.0.x/bin:$PATH
    Windows 2000/XP
      set PATH="c:\program files\apache-maven-3.0.x\bin";%PATH%

  4) Make sure JAVA_HOME is set to the location of your JDK

  5) Run "mvn --version" to verify that it is correctly installed.

  For complete documentation, see


  Please see the file called LICENSE.TXT

  Maven URLS

  Home Page:
  Release Notes:
  Mailing Lists:
  Source Code:
  Issue Tracking:
  Available Plugins:
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