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setup and other commands

setup a clean clone

 mvn -P setup -Dscript=romn

which will mirror a mirror of for the romn script and index them. the mirroring will look at the timestamps of the files and update only the changed ones but that needs to check the timestamp on the remote server too.

 mvn -P setup

will do the some for all scripts - takes a long time.

the mirror will be located in directory solr/tipitaka. now you can run the server with

 mvn -P jetty-run

and access through


just run the indexer on the mirror

 mvn -P index-run -Dscript=deva


 mvn -P index-run

create the directory structure for browsing

 mvn -P directory-structure

create transcription table of the directory structure

 mvn -P directory-transcribe -Dscript=deva


 mvn -P directory-transcribe

package the war archive

the war-archive for jetty6 with the name tipitaka6.war

 mvn -P package6

and for jetty7 with the name tipitaka.war (not sure if that works because of the gzip filter)

 mvn package

either archive can be found inside the target directory.

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