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Created on May 11, 2019
@author: mkoerner
from regenpfeifer.util import stroke_util
class StrokeValidator(object):
def __init__(self):
left_consonant_keys = ['S', 'T', 'K', 'P', 'W', 'H', 'R']
vowel_keys = ['A', 'O', '*', 'E', 'U']
right_consonant_keys = ['-', 'F', 'R', 'P', 'B', 'L', 'G', 'T', 'S', 'D', 'N']
def validate(self, strokes):
# ignore asterisks
strokes = strokes.replace("*", "")
strokes = strokes.split("/")
for stroke in strokes:
stroke_parts = stroke_util.split(stroke)
passed_vowel = False
right_hand_consonant_before_passed_vowel = False
for stroke_part in stroke_parts:
# check if there are any lower case letters
if not stroke_part.startswith("[") or not stroke_part.endswith("]"):
# contains non-stroke letters
return False
if not passed_vowel and stroke_part.startswith("[-"):
# this might be ok if there's no vowel at all
right_hand_consonant_before_passed_vowel = True
if passed_vowel and not stroke_part.startswith("[-"):
# there was a left hand consonant on the right side
return False
if stroke_part.startswith("[e|"):
passed_vowel = True
if passed_vowel and right_hand_consonant_before_passed_vowel:
# there was a right hand consonant on the left side
return False
# check steno order
if not self.validate_order(stroke_parts):
return False
return True
def validate_order(self, stroke_parts):
# first check
left_consonants = []
vowels = []
right_consonants = []
for stroke_part in stroke_parts:
if stroke_part.startswith("[-"):
elif stroke_part.startswith("[e|")or stroke_part is '[*]':
left_consonants_valid = self.validate_order_for_keys(left_consonants, self.left_consonant_keys)
vowels_valid = self.validate_order_for_keys(vowels, self.vowel_keys)
right_consonants_valid = self.validate_order_for_keys(right_consonants, self.right_consonant_keys)
return left_consonants_valid and vowels_valid and right_consonants_valid
def validate_order_for_keys(self, stroke_parts, keys):
stroke = stroke_util.join(stroke_parts)
stroke_without_excess_hyphens = stroke_util.remove_excess_hyphens(stroke)
stripped_stroke = stroke_util.remove_markup(stroke_without_excess_hyphens)
key_index = 0
for stroke_key in stripped_stroke:
key_matched = False
for i in range(key_index, len(keys)):
if stroke_key is keys[i]:
key_index = i + 1
key_matched = True
# stroke_key was not in keys
if not key_matched:
return False
return True