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Lightweight project switcher

jumpthere.vim gives you a set of commands to jump to a Vim window -- whether in another split or a different tab -- that has a given local working directory. If no such window exists, jumpthere.vim opens a new tab or split (depending on the command used) with the local directory you specified.

If each of your projects exists in a separate directory, jumpthere.vim gives you a single command that will jump to a given project -- no matter which Vim window it might be in, or whether or not the project has even been opened yet.

Autojump Integration

Directory paths passed to jumpthere.vim can be either relative or absolute paths, like you'd expect. But, if you have autojump installed, you may also pass any part of a desired path, and autojump will figure out which directory you meant.



If you're using Vundle, add the following to your .vimrc:

Bundle 'mkropat/vim-jumpthere'

Then run :BundleInstall from Vim.


If you're using pathogen.vim, run the following shell commands:

cd ~/vim/bundle
git clone

Interactive Use

The first command operates on the current window:

  • :Jump -- set the :lcd of the current window (using autojump, if available)

The other three commands switch to the window with a specified working directory, opening a new window if it doesn't exist.

  • :SplitJump -- jump to a matching split on the same tab, otherwise open a new horizontal split
  • :VSplitJump -- jump to a matching split on the same tab, otherwise open a new vertical split
  • :TabJump -- jump to a matching window in any open tab, otherwise open a new tab

Key Mapping

Perhaps where jumpthere.vim shines most is in mapping :*Jump commands to key strokes. If you added the following to your .vimrc:

nnoremap <Leader>jh :TabJump ~<CR>

Then no matter where you were in Vim, you could always open up a tab with your home directory using the Leader-j-h key sequence. That's a lot easier than manually typing in :tabnew and possibly :lcd to open it, then later when you're working in some different tab have to figure out that you have to go 2 tabs back to bring up the home tab.


jumpthere.vim is extensible in a few different ways.


Do something when opening a new tab or split

After jumpthere.vim creates a new window, it first runs :lcd to change to the specified directory, then it calls the Function reference assigned to g:JumpThere_OnNewWindow. The default handler runs the netrw plugin on the directory, but you can override this behavior by assigning your own function reference to the hook.

Default Implementation

let g:JumpThere_OnNewWindow = function('jumpthere#Explore')

function! jumpthere#Explore()
    if exists(':Explore')


In case something better than autojump comes along

When resolving a user-supplied path to an absolute directory, jumpthere.vim first checks to see if the literal path exists. If the directory doesn't exist, it calls g:JumpThere_ResolvePathHandler to see if it can resolve the path. The default implementation calls the system command autojump, but you can override it with any behavior you want.

Default Implementation

let g:JumpThere_PathLookupHandler = function('jumpthere#Autojump')

function! jumpthere#Autojump(path)
    return system('autojump ' . shellescape(a:path))

Future Hooks

If you want to see a new hook, let me know. Just submit a new Issue that describes what you're trying to accomplish.

One idea I had is to let the user pass an OnNewWindow handler when calling jumpthere#SplitJump or jumpthere#SplitTab so that users can define initialization functions on a per-project basis instead of globally.


Copyright © Michael Kropat. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.


Lightweight project switcher






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