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netlink interface for ethtool - work in progress
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This repository tracks the work on netlink interface for communication
between ethtool (and possibly other userspace tools) and kernel. The
ultimate goal is to provide a more flexible and extensible alternative to
the ioctl() interface used so far.

The work started as a SUSE Hackweek 16 project

but it's an ongoing effort aiming to get the interface into mainline kernel
and let ethtool use it where available.

There are two directories: kernel with a patch series for kernel (based on
net-next tree) and ethtool with a patch series for userspace ethtool
utility (based on master branch).

The patch sets are based on commits

  - kernel:    a842fe1425cb
  - ethtool:   cabc523cd2c3
  - iproute2:  3efdd4366772
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