Patches needed to build VMware (Player and Workstation) host modules against recent kernels
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mkubecek misc: clean copies of vmmon.o and vmnet.o in top level makefile
Makefiles in *-only copy the object file module is created from into the
parent directory but do not delete them on "make clean". Clean these files
up in "clean" target of top level makefile.
Latest commit 16c49e5 May 27, 2018


This repository tracks patches needed to build VMware (Player and
Workstation) host modules against recent kernels. As it focuses on recent
kernels (older ones do not need patching), only vmmon and vmnet modules are
currently handled as the rest has been upstreamed for some time.

Main branch master handles only "infrastructure" files which do not belong
to VMware module sources. Two other branches, "player" and "workstation"
track upstream module sources distributed with Player and Workstation,
respectively. Tags of the form "p${version}" (e.g.  "p12.5.5") and
"w${version}" correspond to clean unpacked sources of modules from
a particular version of Player or Workstation.

From these tags, branches "player-${version}" and "workstation-${version}"
are forked. These branches track changes needed to build these modules
against recent kernel versions. Tag "p${ver}-k${kver}" marks the set of
changes needed to build modules from Player ${ver} against kernel ${kver},
e.g. p12.5.5-k4.11 is for Player 12.5.5 and kernel 4.11; similar naming
scheme "w${ver}-k${kver}" is used for Workstation modules. In general,
later points in the branch should also work with older kernels (e.g.
p12.5.5-k4.11 with kernel 4.10) but it's not guaranteed; it may happen that
a fix for new kernel version may be too complicated to make also work with
older versions.

At the moment, changes are tested to build against all (vanilla) kernel
releases starting with 4.9.

This repository is provided "as is" with no guarantees. Use the contents on
your own risk.