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Application which improves the dissemination of publications by collecting scientific publications from social networks for scientists and publishing them on a website, twitter and via web notifications
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Automated Dissemination Application

As a part of the masterthesis "development of a communication and information concept for the dissemination of scientific results and publications" this automated application was developed to improve the dissemination of scientific results and publications of an institute of the university of Passau.

Getting started


  • Download the project or clone it from bitbucket.

  • Download and install NodeJS. It is used for the server and the backend of this application.

  • In the terminal, switch to the project folder

cd disseminationtool
  • Now the dependancies of the project need to be installed. For this, the Node Package Manager (npm) is used. In the terminal type:
npm install

Before you can use the application you need to add your own api authentification data for the twitter API in twitterconfig.js and for the mendeley API in oauth-config.js.


Now the application is ready to go. In the terminal type:

npm start


node server

Both commands will start the local node server. It can be canceled with:

strg + c

The automated dissemination application can now be used at: http://localhost:3000

Once you switch to the mendeley subpage, the connection to the Mendeley API is established and a login into a Mendeley Account is required.

Once the server is started and the connection to the Mendeley API is established

  • all publications from the mendeley account will be loaded on the website

  • they are stored in the localstorage of the browser and a web notification is enabled

  • additionally the publications are stored on the server

  • and a tweet about the new publication is sent. The tweets can be found at:

Testing & Debugging

Upload or delete publications on mendeley

To test the application there are other publication files available in the sample publication folder.

Head over to the mendeley website and adjust the publications of the profile by adding new ones or deleting some of them, while the server is still running.

Make sure to add or adjust the metadata of the publications, like author, title and year on mendeley.

Once you reload the page, the new data is loaded and new notifications are sent.

Tests in the Code

There are several tests to check the different steps of the application in the developer tools of the browser(str + shift + i). They need to be uncommented in the specific JavaScript file.

In the file public/assets/js/mendeleyapi.js

  • line 119: shows if a publication is already stored in the localstorage

  • line 137: lists all publications stored in the localstorage

  • line 263: shows the result of the fetch API

  • line 275: shows if a publication is new to the localstorage, the content of a web notification

The following tests can be seen in the terminal, as they are running on the server.

In the file server.js

  • line 22: shows all publications stored on the server

  • line 68: shows the content of the sent tweet

To clear the localstorage of a browser type the following command in the developer tools console:


The Twitter API prevents tweets with identical content. To test the automated tweets, log into the twitter account for this prototype and delete the already existing tweets.

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