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Repository to collect and share my favorite frontend bookmarks/links
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frontend bookmarks

This is a repository to collect and share my favorite frontend bookmarks/links. It's the short version of my blog post Frontend-Bookmarks I wrote recently. Feel free to suggest new resources, I'm always happy to discover something new!

  • MDN - Mozilla Developer Network is the best online documentation about web technologies. I guess it is my most used frontend bookmark. I use it daily to look up different CSS properties, learn more about several JavaScript methods or which attributes belong to a specific HTML element. It's my central station for frontend development.

  • CanIUse is a great tool that provides you up-to-date browser support tables for support of fronted web technologies on desktop and mobile browsers. So in short if you would like to use a new technology and you are not sure if every browser supports it, CanIUse provides you the answer.

  • PageSpeedInsights analyzes your website, gives you insights on what's good and tipps on how to improve and do better.

  • CodePen is a playground for the front end web. It's a code editor in the browser where you can quickly write HTML, CSS and JS to try out an idea or a small project. It's also great for discover projects of others and explore and learn while reading their code.

  • GitHub is the best platform to work collaboratively with others on open source projects or to read and discover the code of your favorite tools or projects.

  • CSS-Tricks originaly contained articles and tutorials about real CSS-tricks, nowadays it shares tricks for almost every section in web development.

  • Smashing Magazine is one of the best blogs about web development. It contains well researched articles and tutorials that dig a lot deeper and explain further contexts than other tutorials do.

  • Reddit JavaScript

  • Reddit Learn JavaScript

  • JavaScript Weekly is a weekly newsletter about all the JavaScript things

  • Frontend Focus focuses on a complete web platform technology roundup in form of a newsletter.

  • Web Development Reading List is another weekly newsletter I regularly read. It is separated in different sections like concept & design, tools & workflows, privacy, javascript, css/sass and many more.

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