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Websocket PhoneGap plugin for Android

Phonegap plugin which adds support for websockets under Android. The websocket client is based on Java-WebSocket.


  • supports multiple protocols / drafts
  • compatible with Phonegap 3.x and installable via PhoneGap (or Cordova) CLI.
  • works well with and other WebSocket libraries.
  • supports WSS
  • supports binary data
  • falls back to native WebSocket in KitKat

The older version of the plugin (PhoneGap 2.x.x) can be found here:


Inside your phonegap project:

cordova plugin add

Or using the phonegap CLI:

phonegap local plugin add


You can find demo based on this plugin and here:


If you plan to test it locally from your emulator please make sure to use ip address when connecting to your local server.

If you plan to run it from your phone please make sure to update your config.xml file and add your server's IP address to the access tag (e.g. <access origin="YOUR_IP_ADDRESS:YOUR_PORT" /> ) More information can be found here.



The MIT License