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ickle tests/gem_lut_handle: Limit testing LUT interface to recent kernels
Signed-off-by: Chris Wilson <>
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This is a collection of tools for development and testing of the Intel DRM
driver.  There are many macro-level test suites that get used against our
driver, including xtest, rendercheck, piglit, and oglconform, but failures
from those can be difficult to track down to kernel changes, and many require
complicated build procedures or specific testing environments to get useful

Thus, intel-graphics-tools was a project I started to collect some low-level
tools I intended to build.

	This should be a collection of useful microbenchmarks.  The hope is
	that people can use these to tune some pieces of DRM code in relevant

	The benchmarks require KMS to be enabled.  When run with an X Server
	running, they must be run as root to avoid the authentication

	Note that a few other microbenchmarks are in tests (like gem_gtt_speed).

	This is a set of automated tests to run against the DRM to validate
	changes.  Hopefully this can cover the relevant cases we need to
	worry about, including backwards compatibility.

	Run this tests with "make test" as root from this directory. Note that
	no other drm clients (X server) may run.

	"make test" only runs a default of test usefull for regression testing.
	Other tests not run are:
	- tests that might hang the gpu, see HANG in
	- gem_stress, a stress test suite. Look at the source for all the
	  various options.
	- testdisplay is only run in the default mode. testdisplay has tons of
	  options to test different kms functionality, again read the source of
	  the details.

	The more comfortable way to run tests is with piglit. First grab piglit


	and build it (no need to install anything). Then we need to link up the
	i-g-t sources with piglit

	piglit-sources $ cd bin
	piglit-sources/bin $ ln $i-g-t-sources igt -s

	The tests in the i-g-t sources need to have been built already. Then we
	can run the testcases with (as usual as root, no other drm clients

	piglit-sources # ./ tests/igt.tests <results-file>

	The testlist is built at runtime, so no need to update anything in
	piglit when adding new tests. See

	piglit-sources $ ./ -h

	for some useful options.

	Common helper functions and headers used by the other tools.

	Manpages, unfortunately rather incomplete.

	This is a collection of debugging tools that had previously been
	built with the 2D driver but not shipped.  Some distros were hacking
	up the 2D build to ship them.  Instead, here's a separate package for
	people debugging the driver.

	These tools generally must be run as root, safe for the ones that just
	decode dumps.

	This tool is to be used to do shader debugging. It acts like a
	debug server accepting connections from debug clients such as
	mesa. The connections is made with unix domain sockets, and at some
	point it would be nice if this directory contained a library for
	initiating connections with debug clients..

	The debugger must be run as root: "sudo debugger/eudb"