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PEP-484 stubs for Django
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PeterJCLaw and mkurnikov Make SuccessMessageMixin fully compatible with FormMixin (typeddjango#86

This ensures that the order in which these mixins are included
into a derrived class does not matter and ends up more accurately
reflecting the return type of SuccessMessageMixin in the process
(its code doesn't appear to enforce that the returned response
is a redirect).

This provides a fix to a secondary aspect of
Latest commit 861c665 Jul 2, 2019

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pep484 stubs for Django framework

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This package contains type stubs and mypy plugin to provide more precise static types and type inference for Django framework. Django uses some Python "magic" that makes having precise types for some code patterns problematic. This is why we need to accompany the stubs with mypy plugins. The final goal is to be able to get precise types for most common patterns.

Supports Python 3.6/3.7, and Django 2.1.x series.

Could be run on earlier versions of Django, but expect some missing imports warnings.


pip install django-stubs

To make mypy aware of the plugin, you need to add

plugins =

in your mypy.ini file.


In order to specify config file, set MYPY_DJANGO_CONFIG environment variable with path to the config file. Default is ./mypy_django.ini

Config file format (.ini):


# specify settings module to use for django.conf.settings, this setting
# could also be specified with DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable
# (it also takes priority over config file)
django_settings = mysettings.local

# if True, all unknown settings in django.conf.settings will fallback to Any,
# specify it if your settings are loaded dynamically to avoid false positives
ignore_missing_settings = True

# if True, unknown attributes on Model instances won't produce errors
ignore_missing_model_attributes = True

To get help

We have Gitter here

If you think you have more generic typing issue, please refer to and their Gitter.

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