Maven For Enterprise is an example how to configure and manage Maven projects in the enterprise environment.
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Maven For Enterprise is an example how to configure and manage Maven projects in the enterprise environment. When Maven is used to build hundreds of projects, managed by various development, testing and operations teams we need enterprise Maven environment. Mature enterprise environment built around Maven is the best method to improve software quality.

Maven For Enterprise

Maven For Enterprise has been built based on years of experiences in a large software company. The following aspects are addressed in the project:

  • Corporate POM
  • Continuous integration
  • Deployment automation
  • Release management
  • Reporting (documentation, code quality and coverage metrics)
  • Enterprise repository
  • Enterprise archetypes

Project Purposes

  • The project has been created as an evaluation area, where new tools, configuration and processes can be safely tested.
  • The project collects best practices from various sources (own experiences, books, blogs, articles and presentations) into single working project.
  • Proprietary project can not be referred publicly. This project can be easily referred in the mailing lists and bug trackers.
  • And last but not least: feedback from community cannot be overestimated.


Corporate POM

Real world example of Corporate POM. The example could be (and is) easily adopted into any Maven enterprise environment. The Corporate POM is designed for extensibility and maintainability.

Simple WAR

J2EE 1.4 compatible web project organized as single module Maven project. Simple WAR project is fully working example, use mvn tomcat6:run command to run the application.

Modular WAR

J2EE 1.4 compatible web project organized as multi module Maven project. Modular WAR project is fully working example, use mvn -pl modular-war-webapp tomcat6:run -am command to run the application.





Maven For Enterprise Team