Solution to allow associates to communicate their ideas and needs directly
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WMS Request Pipeline

Solution to allow Blue Apron associates to communicate their ideas and needs directly. At the moment, associates must manually submit ideas for improvements manually to managers. However, leadership is often busy and packed with deadlines, not allowing associates a chance to express their ideas.

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The WMS Request Pipeline aims to address that problem by allowing associates to submit their ideas through either text messages or a google form.

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This information is parsed using twilio, then pushed to the appropriate Slack channel corrsponding to the employee's information via the python slack client. From there, an employer can then approve or deny the idea, their choice of which is then recorded. All the information is stored in a MySQL database and inside a spreadsheet file for future reference and resolution.

How To Run:

  • install requirements.txt
  • enter python
  • app should be running in localhost:5000

Built With:

  • twilio
  • slackclient
  • python flask