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Audio t-SNE viewer

A complete guide to this application can be found here

This app requires ofxJSON

The above instructions, more succinctly:

First run script to generate the t-SNE. You can do it on an entire directory of sounds, or on a single sound which is segmented by onsets. To run it on a directory of sounds:

python --input_dir path/to/input/directory --output_file path/to/output/json

for example:

python --input_dir "/Users/gene/audio/Drum Samples" --output_file ../apps/AudioTSNEViewer/bin/data/points.json

Or you can run it on a single audio file, in which case it will segment the audio by onsets, analyze each chunk and save it to a directory, then analyze those.

python --input_file path/to/your/input/file --output_audio_dir path/to/output/chunks --output_file path/to/output/json

for example:

python --input_file /Users/gene/Downloads/bohemianrhapsody.mp3 --output_audio_dir /Users/gene/Desktop/mySounds --output_file ../apps/AudioTSNEViewer/bin/data/points.json

Then run this application, where path has been set to the location of your JSON file generated above. Alternatively, name it points.json and place it in the data folder, which is the default path.